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New 27 th May 2022

The National Begonia Society is pleased to be following throughout this season top grower of Begonias in the UK.

Through the season with Tony Shepherdson

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1


6th May

New pages Blooms and Pots can be viewed by members only .

Due to upgrading of this web site several of the archive pages will be unavailable until further notice. Administrators

Pictures sent in by one of our members Michael Price

Pictures sent in by one of our members Tony Kirk

Any other members willing to share their pictures .

1st May

We are pleased to show and share growing system and methods details of the largest grower of tuberous begonias in the UK.

Click on link below to view Blackmore and Langdon 2022.

Blackmore and Langdon. 

NEW ..Even more pictures click on link above.


Heading for Chelsea.

Photos taken at Blackmore and Langdon, in May, 2022., prior to the R H S., Chelsea Show.

Groups of Begonias being prepared for transportation to Chelsea.

1. Dr Sparky, looking a class bloom.

2. A superb group of quality blooms of Burnout, destined for Chelsea.

3. Can Can.

A favourite with the Ladies at Chelsea.

A beautifully formed, exquisite example of the begonia Can Can, raised by B & L.

A real Show stopper.

Our Chairman Ian Rhys Williams visited 6th May and sent in pictures for all to see and enjoy.

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4
pic 5
These are timed for, and  destined for Hampton Court.        Looking A1. 
pic 7
pic 8
Thanks Ian for a mixture of what was on offer during the sale weekend.

I would like to thank John Chiswell for providing these pictures and giving us an insight of this fantastic grower giving us colour so early in our season.   

Plants to be sold
Chelsea Plants
John Smith
Blackout Bench
Cuttings under cover

David Domoney

A selection of prize winning displays


Video from Bob Bryce

The Art of growing Begonias

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