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The 2024 Annual NBS South West area Meeting and talk by one of the countries top Begonia growers Philip Champion


Due to unforeseen circumstances Committee meeting and AGM CANCELLED.

Committee meeting and AGM CANCELLED 2024

Tuber Raffle 2024

If you would like to grow plants like the ones below join the National Begonia Society today and get the tubers and advice you need.

Peter with his 2023 National entry.

Contact Peter in the picture above if you are a member and have tubers to spare for this years Raffle.

Bulletin number 222 our 75th Anniversary year.

48 pages of Pictures , Results and information from this season.

All members can contribute to the NBS Bulletin with articles letters or questions. Please share your knowledge and experiences with our members.. It would be nice to have something from our overseas members and their experiences growing in different climates please submit these by the 29th Feb for inclusion into our spring Bulletin.

The National Show pictures and results 2023.

Ian Rhys Williams 12 Board Champion 2023. These blooms are around 9″ across.

You to could grown blooms of this quality if you join the National Begonia Society which would give you advice and knowledge and especially Named large flowered tubers which are vital in growing blooms to this level.

A review of 2023.

Ian Rhys Williams


Taking cuttings.

I experimented with several types of cutting material. Leaf cuttings taken without a node and cuttings taken with a node.

Also, tip cuttings, that I will discuss in a later article.

Both cuttings were taken on the same day and treated exactly the same.

No mister or propagator was used, they were placed on the lower tier of my staging.

I watered the cuttings in and did not water until the top of the compost began to look dry.

One leaf cutting was placed in one corner of a four- inch square pot, using B&L Bulrush compost and the cutting with a node, placed in the opposite corner.

Photo 1 & 2.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Leaf cutting callusing, with roots beginning to show.

Photo 3.

A cutting taken with a node, showing a more vigorous and faster root growth.

To conclude.

Leaf cuttings, consisting of just a leaf and stem without a node are viable and will produce tubers.

In my experience though, cuttings taken with a node are easier and faster to root and develop faster.

A cutting tuber of Firedance, using a tip cutting

The success rate of my cuttings are at least 95%, successful and the majority will produce viable cutting tubers at the end of the season.

How to increase your Begonia plants by taking cuttings and preparing your hanging baskets

Select your plant

Cuttings removed all ready for potting then to go into heated bed to enable rooting. Full article is available to members of the NBS.

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