Joining the NBS – Your options

Online UK & Overseas New Membership using Paypal

New UK Members can apply Online here

You can if you prefer download a printable application form HERE

Overseas Visitors without Paypal can join the UK society by following this link and completing the form.

If you are an existing member you can renew your membership here

Can we please ask all Members’ to pay their Membership via Direct debit if possible.

It makes it easier for you, as it’s done each year without you needing to do anything.

Can you please start your Direct Debit on 1st November, as this gives the society time to list your names as being paid.(After you click this link please scroll down to sheet 2 for direct debit instructions)

Please note:- Paid membership is required to have FULL access to site.

To have full access to all the great cultural and society detailed information and to enjoy all the society can offer, please register for an online account here and then apply for full membership. It’s only £20.00 a year ! (Paypal £21.00)for UK membership and £38.00 (Paypal £40.00) for Overseas. The added costs of using Paypal are to cover the Paypal fees.

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