Sad News

27th June 2020

Obituary Richard Spiers

It is with sadness I have to inform  you of the passing of Richard .

I had a phone call from Richard Spiers son this evening. He informed me that his father had been taken into hospital. The family thinks he died of the covid 19 virus. He had been a member of the society for as long as I can remember and a great supporter of the National show when it was at Kings Heath. God bless Richard.

Terry Tasker. 

Richard Spiers, was a  G P. He retired a few years ago. Dr Richard Spiers, although he didn’t announce it. 

He was friendly with Derek Smith and he attended many Shows in his company. 

I first met Richard at Kings Heath, also at Blooms and Webbs, Garden Centre, when the National was staged there. 

I also recall, meeting him at Shrewsbury a few years ago. 

I met Richard when he was a Novice, but his growing improved remarkably in just a few seasons. 

I enjoyed Richard’s company immensely and his enthusiasm for growing begonias was infectious. 

I was so sorry to have heard from Terry Tasker, that Richard had passed away. 

Sincere condolences to Richard’s family. 

Ian Rhys Williams. 

Ian Rhys Williams

Founding member ยท 9 April at 09:27

It is with sadness the I heard of the death of Elsie Catterall, The Widow of Dr Eric Catterall.
I knew for some years that she was still alive and living in a Care Home. For her loyal service to the NBS, at the side of her husband, she was awarded Life Membership.
It was only a week ago that Colin Nicklin emailed me saying that Richard their son had found, a few N B S, Cups, which had been misplaced for some years, in the attic of their home, when he was clearing the attic .
That’s when my thoughts were recalled of how such a major figure Erick Catterall was in the History of the N B S.
He wrote a book on Begonias, which is still in circulation today word wide. The book is among my collection of Begonia books on my shelf, which I often refer to on cold Winter nights.
Another sad loss, of a past Member, was the loss of Dennis Sweeney, aged 92,from North Wales. He was a regular exhibitor at Southport, winning the Six Pot Class on numerous times.
I met Dennis and his wife several times at Southport. Both were lovely people and helped on the Area Stand.
A few years ago, Dennis tel, me asking if I had any Flamboyant for sale. Needless to say, there was a package in the post to a loyal Member, by return of post.
It is sad to hear that other older Members’ which have been a big part of our history have past on.
Our thoughts are with the families at this sad time.

Mike Avis Sorry to hear Elsie has passed away. I visited them both at Penistone when working there one time a lovely lady.