Sad News

Ian Rhys Williams

Founding member ยท 9 April at 09:27

It is with sadness the I heard of the death of Elsie Catterall, The Widow of Dr Eric Catterall.
I knew for some years that she was still alive and living in a Care Home. For her loyal service to the NBS, at the side of her husband, she was awarded Life Membership.
It was only a week ago that Colin Nicklin emailed me saying that Richard their son had found, a few N B S, Cups, which had been misplaced for some years, in the attic of their home, when he was clearing the attic .
That’s when my thoughts were recalled of how such a major figure Erick Catterall was in the History of the N B S.
He wrote a book on Begonias, which is still in circulation today word wide. The book is among my collection of Begonia books on my shelf, which I often refer to on cold Winter nights.
Another sad loss, of a past Member, was the loss of Dennis Sweeney, aged 92,from North Wales. He was a regular exhibitor at Southport, winning the Six Pot Class on numerous times.
I met Dennis and his wife several times at Southport. Both were lovely people and helped on the Area Stand.
A few years ago, Dennis tel, me asking if I had any Flamboyant for sale. Needless to say, there was a package in the post to a loyal Member, by return of post.
It is sad to hear that other older Members’ which have been a big part of our history have past on.
Our thoughts are with the families at this sad time.

Mike Avis Sorry to hear Elsie has passed away. I visited them both at Penistone when working there one time a lovely lady.